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ASHAVI (stand for ASHA Viet An Company Limited) with Vietnam Tax Code: 0315641631, is the independence research & technology consulting company, located in Vietnam at address: 7a/43/24 Thanh Thai street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, Zip Code: 700,000. (D-U-N-S Number: 556698906).


ASHAVI provides the online Q&A platform for multi-purpose usage. We provide the access to the domain ashavi.com and its sub-domain survey.ashavi.com. ASHAVI owns and control ASHAVI services, and provides access to the main website, and sub-domain relating to it, including software, data and materials.

About this terms of service

This is the content of the agreement regarding the usage of ASHAVI platform and the parties using ASHAVI service.

By reading, understanding and click on the below button, all parties agree with all terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement.

ASHAVI reserves the right to update and change the terms of service from time to time without notice. Any new features that augment or enhance the current service, including the release of new tools and resources, shall be subjected to the terms of service.

When you continue to use the service after any such changes, this will constitute your consent to such changes.

Violation of any of the terms below will lead to the termination of your account immediately without prior notification.


Here comes the parties in this agreement:

We are SaaS Service Provider - here comes with ASHAVI.
Client indicate the users who register an account in ASHAVI website to create the survey for their own research needs.

The consumer is a respondent of a survey, or the user of consumer app.

In order to use our service, the client and the consumer are requested to accept our term and conditions.



Our service

1.1. ASHAVI operates an on-line survey platform, which include the website, mobile app.

Our website will be used for create the survey. The client is able to create new surveys and launch surveys via URL, email, SMS, or mobile app.

Our mobile app will be used to receive the survey and collect information. Consumer can access to multiple surveys from across clients and get paid (by format of voucher code, gift code, or cash) depending upon each survey qualified and completed.

1.2. ASHAVI website (ashavi.com) have the rich contents relating to research, insight and knowledge. We provide our content for public reading in general, and responsible for all contents in this landing page.

All the contents which have been published in our website or consumer app are protected under our rights. Any of copy without our permission is prohibited, accept those contents we are allowing for duplicate.

1.3. ASHAVI provide the survey for client to create the survey via survey.ashavi.com, hence all parties align that the content owner of survey will be clients, who create the survey.

ASHAVI won’t be responsible for the Content posted on our platform and you nonetheless may be exposed to such materials. You agree to use the Service at your own risk.

1.4. By registering an account in our website, the client can create the surveys and launch it to specific target consumer in the format of URL link, SMS, email or mobile app. 

Charge & payment

1.5. Subscription:

Client will use our service by registering the suitable subscription. Depending upon the subscription, user can use our service till the time reach the limit of subscription.

Client would pay for the subscription which is mot suitable for own purpose. Each subscription plan are independent. We would sum up the purchased valid surveys in the profile of Client.

1.6. Payment:

In consideration for providing the SaaS (Software as Service) mentioned in the terms above, Client shall pay to service the fees set out in the ordering as Fee without any set-off or deductions. Except as otherwise specified herein or in a ordering, all payment obligations are non-cancelable and fees and any other amounts paid are non-refundable.

The fee (as indicated on our website) must be paid via credit card or debit card or wire transfer or online banking or prepaid card. If payment is not received by us from your credit or debit card issuer or its agents, you agree to pay all amounts due upon demand by us.

Clients are solely responsible for the payment of any banking and transaction costs. Any additional credit or debit charges that may incur due to the transaction will be paid by clients.

In order to secure the payments through your credit cards, ASHAVI collaborates with certified payment service providers operating according to the provisions of the applicable legislation. In order for the payment to be accomplished, you are directed to a secure page of the collaborating payment service provider which is linked to ASHAVI website. You are required to register your card details, i.e. the full name of the owner of the card, the card number, the expiry date (month and year) of the card, the security code (verifying the authenticity of the card) imprinted in the appropriate space of the card reserved for the signature of the holder (CVV / VISA or CVC / MC), in order to check the validity of the cards and safely carry out the transaction. ASHAVI does not store the data inserted by you in relation to the number of the card or the card security code verifying the authenticity of the card (for example CVV/VISA or CVC/MC). The payment service provider collaborating with ASHAVI controls the data inserted and informs electronically ASHAVI, for the approval or the rejection of the transaction. In case a transaction is rejected, irrespective of the reason of the rejection (which could be for example default on overdraft, failure of the system of the payment service provider or of the Bank issuing the card) you must ensure the payment successfully, otherwise we have the right to block your access to the platform.

1.7. ASHAVI shall have the right to increase the Fees by updating the pricing on ASHAVI website.
All amounts due under this Agreement shall be paid in the currency specified in the ordering. Except as otherwise expressly provided in an Ordering Document with the exception of direct purchases made by Customer online which are due at the time of purchase.

1.8. Refund:

ASHAVI only accept to refund for the amount which have been paid to our website if Client submit the cancelation request within 24hours after payment completion and client hasn’t launched any survey yet.

The refund would be accepted in written and we will send email notification to Client to confirm. The refundable amount would be proceed within 7 days from the days cancelation. Within 7 days before the cancelation, the Client still can use our free service and the account remain the live status.

In case, client again want to subscribe the service, client need to proceed another payment via our website. This new payment and the cancelation order before would be treated separately.

1.9. Invoice:

ASHAVI only provide the VAT invoice in Vietnam. However, we also provide the electronic bill for any customer outside of Vietnam.
For Vietnamese customers, your invoice would be sent to your email within 7 working days.
For Non-Vietnamese customers, your E-billing will be sent to your registered email right after purchase completion.

Billing information:

Your Account and Billing Account: Your account would be attached with your registered email address. In case you change your email address, you need to inform us before making the purchase via our customer service channel: contact@ashavi.com.

If, for any reason, you dispute the transactions related to ASHAVI services, you must notify ASHAVI immediately in writing.

1.10. Account status: Your account remain live even when running out the balance of your account. Your account is live till the time you send us the email notification to delete your account.

Till the time your account is live, you still can build and test survey in our website.

1.11. Registration: In order to register and start using ASHAVI SaaS service, you have to complete the registration process by providing all the necessary information in registration form. You agree to provide only true and accurate information in the registration process. 


1.12. In order to be entitled to use or continue to use our services, you acknowledge and you warrant that you comply and shall continue to comply for the term of your cooperation with ASHAVI with the following conditions:

You further acknowledge that you will control your account and that you are liable for any unlawful act occurring under your account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password or account information, and for restricting access to your device (computer, smart phone etc) so that others may not access any password protected portion of the Website or other Properties and Services using your name, username, or password in whole or in part. You further take full responsibility for all actions and activities performed through your account. You should inform ASHAVI for any unauthorized use of your account or any breach of security.

You shall maintain all appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent non-authorized third parties from accessing or using any password protected portion of the ASHAVI Platform or other ASHAVI Properties and Services using the your name, username, or password. You shall immediately inform ASHAVI of any unauthorized use of your account or any breach of security. ASHAVI staff may login to your account from time to time for maintenance or assistance purposes.

1.13. You will not use the Service to transmit content that is unlawful or encourages or supports illegal activities, including (but not restricted to) content which may: be defamatory, fraudulent, deceptive, racial, abusive, threatening, harassing, pornographic. infringe intellectual property rights of others such as Copyright, Trademarks, trade secrets, patents or may harm the right of privacy or any other right of any party. infringe applicable data privacy legislation including legislation on the protection of Minors.

You will not misuse the Platform or insert files that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another's computer or property.
You will not engage in any fraudulent or deceptive activity while using the ASHAVI Services, including any fraudulent or deceptive activity which aims at gaining direct or indirect profit, benefit, or advantage from any available ASHAVI reduced rates, incentives, offers, referral bonuses or other benefits as set by ASHAVI from time to time.

Service misuse and/or fraudulent/ deceptive activity, as defined above, includes (but is not limited to) acts of virtual impersonation of allegedly different account operators, use of external machines for purposes of false impersonation, taking advantage of possible bug or similar coding errors which may alter or misdirect calculation of due payments to ASHAVI and dissemination of identical surveys through multiple, allegedly unaffiliated, accounts with a view to make false representations of high user activity. Where such activity is detected by ASHAVI's monitoring mechanisms, ASHAVI may, at its own discretion, immediately block any further use of ASHAVI services, disable any fraudulent account, recall all possible offers, benefits, reduced rates, and bonuses of which the perpetrator(s) may have taken advantage by means of the mentioned prohibited activity and request from perpetrator(s) to immediately compensate ASHAVI for any caused damage, harm, or loss of profit.
In the event of a security breach of your systems regarding Personal Data, you will notify ASHAVI about such breach, make best efforts to remedy such breach and/or mitigate risks from such breach, comply with applicable legislation with regards to such breach and cooperate with ASHAVI as reasonably required by ASHAVI.



TAX CODE: 0315641631

Email: research@ashavi.com